Slobomir P University

A noble idea to spread knowledge and create an opportunity for young people, regardless of their distance from the distinguished world education centers, to learn and gain skills necessary for the inclusion into the modern business trends, inspired the story of the first private university in this region. The story started when Mira and Slobodan Pavlovic, businessmen and patriots who have been living and working in Chicago for 30 years now, founded the Slobomir P University, consisting of six departments, operating equally in two campuses – Slobomir and Doboj


The university is guided by high standards, which is necessary when trying to educate young people who are to accomplish successful careers after graduation. Firstly, the University boasts highly competent faculty. The lecturers are all notable scientists. Besides teaching, they are all accomplished researchers. The renowned professors come from the Belgrade, Novi Sad and Banja Luka universities, and one of the privileges of the students of Slobomir p University was to attend the lectures of professors from European and American universities








Slobomir P University was started up on November 3, 2003 in two campuses in Slobomir and Doboj, opening its doors to the students of the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Information Technology, over 200 of them at the time. Today, Slobomir P University contains four faculties and an Academy of Arts.

In the academic year of 2004/2005 the Faculty of Law, the Fiscal Academy, Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Design and Graphics were also introduced. In the academic year of 2005/2006, Faculty of Design and Graphics was turned into the Academy of Arts with two departments: Department of Design and Graphics and the Department of General Music Pedagogy, and the Faculty of Law, in addition to the Department of General Law, introduced the Department of General Security. The very same year, first students were enrolled in the second cycle of studies at the Faculty of Economy and Management.



In the academic year of 2005/2006, the first students were enrolled in the postgraduate degree program (MBM) at the Faculty of Economy and Management, and the next year master studies began at all the faculties and academies.


In the academic year of 2006/2007, in addition to four-year programs, three-year programs were introduced too, and The Academy of Arts introduced the Department for Drama and Film Art. In 2010/2011 Academy of Arts became even richer, for one more program was introduced – Audio-Visual Art in Film and TV.



In November of 2004 began the program of student employment with the purpose to provide work practice and employment for the students while they are still studying. With that in mind many agreements of strategic cooperation were signed with great many institutions and companies in the region, one of the most significant of which is the agreement signed with the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


At Slobomir P University a unique Student Union of Slobomir P University was established, which operates equally in both campuses, and consists of representatives from all the faculties. At the Faculty of Information Technology of Slobomir P University since the autumn of 2006 operates the local committee of the International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - IAESTE. Through this organization, in the first cycle of exchange, during the summer of 2007, 6 students of Slobomir P University spent the summer on practical training abroad.

Slobomir P University established the cooperation with a large number of universities in the region as well as worldwide. On the June 18, 2008, an agreement of long-term strategic partnership was signed with the Northern Illinois University. It encompasses four areas: student exchange, faculty exchange, business aspect and administration.



Did you know?

- In addition to the partnership with Northern Illinois University, Slobomir P University established cooperation with numerous other universities in the region

- From the very beginning, Slobomir P University operates on the principles of the Bologna declaration. All the courses last one semester, there are a number of pre-exam obligations which mount up the points toward the final grade, and the teaching methods include case studies, projects and other kinds of practical instruction.

- English is an obligatory course in all semesters, and since the academic year of 2008/2009 the exams are based on the TOEFL program (Test of English as a foreign language).

- Students carry out practical work in the companies of the Pavlovic family and other reputable businesses, and thus acquire new knowledge and practical experience.



- Slobomir University has so far brought forth four generations of graduate students, and over 90% of Slobomir P University graduates are already employed in companies owned by the family of Pavlović and in other businesses in the region.

- Nowadays Slobomir P University, in both campuses (Slobomir and Doboj), is attended by about 1500 students.

Many world class study conditions are available to students: modern classrooms, computer labs, Internet club, teaching via video conference link between Slobomir and Doboj, phonology laboratories, comfortable rooms with kitchenettes and internet connection, two libraries with reading rooms, gyms, restaurants and sports courts in both campuses.

Renowned professors from the universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Nis, Tuzla and other universities teach at all the faculties. In addition there are guest lectures from the professors from European and American universities.


Within Slobomir P University operates NIPEX (Institute for Research, Expertise, Consulting and Seminars), which in addition to working for business community, also drafts projects for the Government of Republic of Srpska.


There is also the Business Learning Center, which connects businesses with the groups of the best SPU students, where students work in real business environment, help solve the problems and offer solutions and ideas to companies that hire them. The benefits for the students are numerous: they develop the skills necessary for their careers, leadership skills, they learn to work in a team and become experts in their areas. The experience also offers the team members a chance to better understand the styles of communication and the trust necessary for the interaction with their peers from the real business world




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